One of Ruff Wear’s ambassadors recently wrote to us saying, “Having [my dog] with us on this trip definitely changed the itinerary and the overall mission of the vacation, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”  We couldn’t agree more.

While traveling with a dog requires more packing, more rest stops, and a few more minutes on the road, the added enjoyment a dog creates makes it all worthwhile.

When traveling with a canine, keep the following in mind to help make everyone more comfortable.

First, just as you would pack gear and clothing for yourself related to the location and adventure of your destination, be sure to do the same for your dog.  Despite their fluffy, furry coat, a dog accustomed to 70 degree temperatures could be startled by a snowy landscape.  Pack up dog jackets, boots, cooling coats—anything that will help regulate your dog’s temperature back to normal.

Second, bring extra water and food.  A change in temperature, altitude, or activity can elevate your dog’s appetite or thirst level.

Third, bring the comforts of home with you.  Your dog’s favorite bed will not only help ease locational anxiety, but will provide an insulating layer in the car from the bumps of the road (while also keeping dog hair off your seats!).

Finally, check out dog-friendly recreation and rest stops ahead of time.  This will help you plan your trip so your four-legger is always included.

What other tips can you suggest before hitting the road?

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