According to the National Weather Service, there’s a potential for a La Niña winter, expected to start any day now and last through December. That could mean colder than average temperatures, unusual weather patterns, and the need for more Ruff Wear rain jackets, soft shells, and winter jackets.

What is La Niña?

La Niña, the sibling of El Niño, is a weather pattern causing a three to five-degree decrease in the  surface temperature of the ocean.  In the US, a period of five months of cooler ocean temperature qualifies for an official “La Niña.”

La Nina Regional Winter Weather Patterns

The effects of La Niña.

La Niña, also known as “the anti-El Niño” has an opposite effect on weather patterns.  For example, in the US, the middle of the country can expect dryer and warmer winter weather, while the Northwest can expect cooler, wetter winter weather.

Temperature Impacts of a La Nina

What does this have to do with dogs?

Everything!  Dogs love to get out in all types of weather, especially if you are one of us Westerners near the Rockies or Cascades who love to take their dog down the slopes.  For you powderhounds, we say, “Strap on those Polar Trex™ boots, trek on up to the cone, and get ready to shred.”

Product Designer Lindsey and her dog Kaya have already begun their ski season atop Mt. Bachelor

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