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  1. I had a plastic, linked martingale style correction collar. The idea was great, easy to take off by unhooking one of the plastic sections. This failed once and that was one too many times for me. If I’m going to use a correction type collar, I want to be able to take it on/off easily and for it to be ‘idiot proof’

    1. A cinch lead. The intended purpose is for dogs with heads smaller than necks (such as Greyhounds) or quick “grab and go” for dogs who don’t wear collars.

  2. It’s not really fair to lump martingales in with correction collars. My dog slips out of regular collars so I use a martingale for safety, not for corrections.

    1. This is true. We found in the past that our martingale collar was sometimes called “limited correction” collar, so we wanted to include all terminology…even though they serve very different purposes.

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