Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. ends on November 7th.  That means fewer hours of daylight to do the things we love to do outdoors.  We’ve got five tips to help you “fall back” into your winter routine.

1.     Check those batteries in your flashlights, dog lights, and headlamps so you’re not left searching for your four-legger under the light of the moon.  (Tip: Did you know your portable lights will generally last longer in blink versus solid mode?)

2.     If your dog enjoys a leisurely roll in the leaves or mud, layer them in jacket.  Then all you have to do is wash the jacket, not the dog!

3.     Since there are fewer hours to “clear the path” of poop outside, start your scooping duty earlier so you won’t have to worry about stepping in those sneaky piles after dark.

4.     Arm your dog in reflective gear during your low-light outings.  Can’t tell if something has reflective in it?  Hold a flashlight at your ear and shine it on the item in front of you.

5.     When taking your dog out for a hike or a walk, be sure to stand upwind when they lift their leg near their favorite bush or tree trunk.  A well-timed gust could put you in the “danger zone.”

Enjoy the last bit of fall foliage and brisk air!

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