November Dog Tale of the Month

Kaya and Lindsey

Lindsey recently announced the completion and debut of her 2010 Ski Movie “Butte Baggin’ II” at the Cascade Mountaineer’s Club, in which she includes the following trip down Broken Top. We thought this was a great time to share one of their epic 2010 adventures with you:

On March 19th 2010, Erik, Kaya and I set out to ski some lines on Broken Top, in the Three Sisters Wilderness in central Oregon. Our goal was to do some fun skiing and test the new Ruff Wear Singletrak Pack™.

The Singletrak Pack is great for a skiing dog, as it rides really close to the dog’s body, similarly to a harness, which makes it super easy for the dog to run freely. The pack houses two 0.5 L Platypus® Platy™ bottles, which is a perfect amount of water for a fluffy dog skiing in the sunshine. The streamlined size of the pack meant that Kaya could only carry minimal amounts of gear (two Platy bottles and a leash; bowl if you need it), so any extra dog gear you’d need for a day in the backcountry (dog boots, dog-specific first aid kit come to mind) would need to be carried in one of the humans’ packs.

The three of us climbed up Broken Top last August, when the scree slopes made climbing pretty slow going and a little sketchy. March is a much better time to climb the mountain, as the snow is a much friendlier climbing surface!

Kaya and Erik on the way out

Kaya, Erik and I climbed and skied two lines off the main West ridge: Lunch Bowl (our name, as we tend to end up here around lunch time, near our summertime camping spot) and the East aspect into the crater bowl. Both of these lines are totally dog friendly, and Kaya tore it up!

Kaya on top of Lunch Bowl, with South and Middle Sisters in the background
Erik skiing down Lunch Bowl, with Ball Butte in the background

Afterward, Kaya and I watched Erik bootpack up and ski down 3 o’clock couloir, which is really too technical for a dog to climb and ski easily. When bringing a dog into the backcountry, it is critical to think of their safety (and yours!) and choose your terrain accordingly.

We enjoyed this view of Mt. Bachelor while we waited for Erik

We kept Kaya hydrated with the Platy bottles in her pack throughout the day. Kaya has learned to drink directly from a squirt bottle thanks to her friends at the dog park, so giving her water was extremely fast and easy. We ended up with a little water to spare, which is always a good thing!

Kaya didn’t seem to notice that she was wearing the pack, and it was barely visible as the brown color and low profile almost disappeared in her fluff. Overall, it was an outstanding pack, and an outstanding ski day with our favorite four-legged ski buddy!


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