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  1. My husband and I finally decided after a run-in with a deer in the road that we were just too uncomfortable about transporting our (2) dogs in our car without a safety harness any longer, so we started our search online for our purchase.

    I have always been a huge fan of Ruffwear products and was certain that I would find the perfect car/hiking harness in your product line. Much to my dismay, although many very fine harnesses were available, none were specifically recommended for use in the car. I shot off a quick little email to customer service to let them know what I had been looking and that I was interested in this type of product should they keep track of this kind of information for future product development purposes.

    This is what I received as a reply “Thanks for the email. I am sorry we do not offer a Car Safety harness, but we appreciate the feedback. We specifically make outdoor gear for dogs, and a car safety harness just doesn’t fit within our company concept. I just googled “dog car safety harness” and many options come up. Hopefully you can find one that suits your needs. ”

    The part that shocked me into posting this comment was this “…We specifically make outdoor gear for dogs, and a car safety harness just doesn’t fit within our company concept. …”

    REALLY!?…the safety and well-being of our canine companions as we drive them to our outdoor adventures “does not fit into the company’s concept?” How many people do not transport their dogs via a car at times? Especially when we are taking them on vacation, to the coast, into the wilderness, etc.? I am pretty sure that we are not the only one that do so judging by the number of people we meet at the trailheads doing the same thing.

    I am just curious, is Ruffwear truly philosophically opposed to developing a harness that could be used to BOTH keep our beloved canines safer in our cars AND as a multi-purpose hiking harness???


    1. Thank you for your comments. We have considered making a car safety harness in the past for the exact reasons described above, but have intentionally decided to focus on what we know best–gear for the outdoors–as opposed to working on something we know less about (car/auto safety).

      It still remains on our list of potential products, and we are not ruling it out at this time. However, we continuously strive to be “best in class” which means staying focused on what we we’re the best at–performance outdoor gear.

      Thank you again for your feedback, and if you find a harness that fits your needs, we do hope you will let us know…as we all have dogs we need to strap up in the car before heading out to the trailhead.

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