"Run Zeus, Run."

Day One:

8:30am – Drive to Sisters, Oregon.  First mistake…forget to build in enough time to stop for coffee.  Head to Central Bark Doggie Daycare.  Greeted by 50 or more delightful dogs…all wanting to bust out for a day of fun…difficult to choose just 5.

8:45am – Load up the largest English Mastiff known to man and head for the first site…a beautiful old barn.  Zeus refuses to do anything but drool.

9:00am – Beg, prod, and channel “the force” in order to get Zeus to show off the newest collar/leash combination.  Rewarded for our patience with some “massively” great shots.

9:45 – Gauge, a gorgeous Doberman, shows off his near-perfect modeling skills by behaving beautifully while looking sharp in his ensemble.  Are you sure this is his first time in front of the camera?

10:00am – Return to Central Bark and ambitiously bring several dogs at one time to a large, wooded area.  Our photographer apparently misses the warning “Don’t let Lacey off the leash!”

10:01am – Lacey leads us all on a merry chase over the pine needles and through the woods…ending up in an algae-filled pond.  Mmmm.  No one said anything about slimy swimming shots.

11:00am – De-slime Lacey, line up other dogs, get in a rhythm.  Other than suffering from low blood sugar due to a delayed lunch, all goes well for the remainder of the morning.

1:30 – Deli calls and thinks we have forgotten to pick up lunch.  Fries are cold.  No matter.  Food is delicious!  Eating while driving like mad to next location has its own hazards, however.

2:00 – Arrive at Clear Lake off the scenic McKenzie Highway. No cell phone coverage.  Can’t reach models to alert them we are running behind.  Dogs are raring to go, but no humans to be found.  Whew…we find everyone.  All reunited and ready to go.

2:30 – Lauren, Dean, and Bayou hike across jagged lava rock.  Humans wobble and stumble.  Bayou (clad in “secret new product”) has no issues. Black Mouthed Cur?  Never heard of the breed.  Best kept secret.  This dog is amazing.

3:00 – Human wardrobe change (on the trail…but hey, we’re all professionals).  On to our mountain biking scene with Jack, the GSP.  Slow down Jack…the photographer is having a hard time catching dog and human in the frame together.  Don’t you ever tire out??  We get some killer shots of Jack ripping it up…and Dean just trying to keep up.

5:30 – Biking scene.  Check.  Trail running scene. Check.  Car keys.  Check?  No wait.  You had them, right?  Whew.  In the ignition.  Thank goodness there are no car thieves hiding in the forest.

Day Two:

8:30am – We agree to meet at Phil’s Trail.  Is it really only 1 mile from the office?  Why am I all the way to Tumalo Falls?  Oh…I missed the 3”x3” sign.  Silly me.

8:45am – Our mountain biking model takes off after a loose dog (not one of ours.)  She manages to wrangle the dog and head back for a late start to the shoot.

9:30am – We head to Tumalo Falls.  Hey this looks familiar! Kaci, the wonder Lab, mountain bikes with Lauren along the trail.  Did anyone remember the bug repellent?  The mosquitoes are HUNGRY this morning.

10:30am – We finish up with Kaci (using the photographer’s dog Denali as a stand in when Kaci turns diva on us) and head across town to Shevlin Park for a change of scenery.  Susan is not afraid to steal our next model right out of his backyard.  Good thing the neighbors aren’t watching.

11:00am – We meet our human and dog models who have driven all the way from Sweet Home.  A l-o-n-g way from Bend.  Thanks for making the trip!  But who knew a dog could be afraid of a garbage truck?  Koria manages to contain her phobia and we get a few great shots.

11:30am – Ripley, the wonder mini-Schnauzer, shows us all that little dogs can indeed “rip”.  With beard “a-flying” she roars down the trail.

1:00pm – Mick, the same exuberant yellow lab from last summer, joins us for some bushwhacking fun.  He decides I am the only one he wants to be near, so I try to stand just outside of the frame.  Our photographer works his magic.  Is Tom, our human model, really single?  He’s so cute!

3:00pm – Juice, the sweetest Black Lab on the planet, works hard for treats. Sit, stay, run?  Let me see that kibble in your hand first!  We finish with some beautiful images of her flying through some tall wild grass. Ahhh…another successful shoot!

A great big thanks to all the dogs and people who helped this year – with a special shout out to Central Bark Doggie Day Care!  You guys rock.

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