Did you know almost all Ruff Wear wearables have reflective in them? Yup, almost all of them.

From our harnesses, to our apparel, to our boots—even some of our collars and leashes!

While we’ve had to get pretty creative over the years, finding ways to integrate reflective into ropes, webbings, fleece, polyester, and nylon, the result is some very “star bright” dog gear.

Here’s a list of all Ruff Wear products that have a reflective in them.

Can you figure out where we’ve incorporated reflective in them?


• Bark’n Boots™ Polar Trex™ winter boot
• Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ all-terrain boot
• Bark’n Boots™ Skyliner™ everyday boot

The reflective is welded on the toe box of the Skyliner™ Boots


• Cloud Chaser™ soft shell
• Climate Changer™ fleece
• K9 Overcoat™
• Sun Shower™ rain jacket
• Swamp Cooler™ cooling vest
• Track Jacket™ visibility vest

Reflective tape underneath is used underneath the upper seams of the Climate Changer™


• DoubleBack™ harness
• Web Master™ harness

Reflective piping is sewn throughout the frame of the DoubleBack™ harness


• Approach Pack™ day pack
• Palisades Pack™ multi-day pack
• Singletrak Pack™ hydration pack

Reflective screenprints and piping accent the pockets of the SingleTrak Pack™


• Big Eddy Float Coat™
• Portage Float Coat™

The Big Eddy™ is packed with the most reflective piping of any Ruff Wear wearable

Collars and Leashes

• Knot-a-Leash™ rope leash
• Knot-a-Just™ rope collar
• Just-a-Cinch™ cinch leash
• Knot-a-Long™ short leash
• Knot-a-Coupler™
• Quick Draw™ leash and collar in one

All Ruff Wear rope leashes and collars have reflective tape woven into the design

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