At Ruff Wear headquarters, October 1st is always an exciting time for us because it’s the day that we launch new Fall/Winter Ruff Wear gear!

As we say so long to summertime adventures, we look forward to the wintertime fun that’s just around the corner.  There are a few die-hard winter fanatics here at Ruff Wear (skiers and snowboarders, of course), but this year, we’re all praying for snow!

As soon as the snow starts flying we’ll be putting our new Bark’n Boots Polar Trex™ winter dog boots on our canine companions and hitting the dog-friendly snow parks.  The Polar Trex boots have been specifically designed to give dogs traction on snow and ice and to keep their paws warm when temperatures drop.

The new Polar Trex™ Winter Dog Boot

Another great reason to celebrate winter weather is our redesigned Cloud Chaser™ soft shell dog jacket. The new easy-to-use zipper means you and your dog are seconds away from being bundled up and out the door! The Cloud Chaser is ideal for snow-filled activities like skiing and snowshoeing…or even making snow angels.

The redesigned Cloud Chaser™ Soft Shell Dog Jacket

These new products from Ruff Wear give us two great reasons to welcome cooler temperatures. Won’t you join us? PRAY FOR SNOW!

For the full scoop on the Polar Trex dog boots and the Cloud Chaser dog jacket, check out the Ruff Wear website.

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  1. i just got these in the mail and i love them!!! they are going to be so nice for my dogs when it gets cold and icy here in maine! they go on so easy, the other ones i was using were such a pain and they didn’t have hard soles so their feet got wet fast. oh, i can’t wait for the snow to fly!!

    and one more thing, i love that i can buy a single if needed!! that is aonther thing that sold me on your boots!! thank you!

    here’s a pic of my golden trying them on.

  2. Does the length of the Cloud Chaser stay the same as the old design, or has it been changed? My dog’s girth is 69cm, I have both the Sun Shower and the Swamp Cooler in size M, but they are both too short in length for her. She’s about 55cm from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail.

    1. Please call our customer service department at 888-783-3932 and they can help with finding a size long enough for your dog. The fit and sizing has been adjusted slightly on the Cloud Chaser.

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