Your dog’s body may have a few years on it, but his mind is always young—craving long walks, hikes through the forest, and overnight adventures.  Here are a few ways to unleash your older dog’s canine youth, helping him go farther, longer, more comfortably:


It’s not just for looking sharp.  Apparel can keep joints and muscles warm and limber, extending your adventure and keeping your dog more comfortable in chilly temperatures.


Opt for toys that are soft on teeth.  Pliable rubber toys are a good, eco-friendly option that will last a long time, but stuffed fabric toys also make good choices.


While dog boots can protect paws from injury and provide traction on slick surfaces, they can also shield sensitive feet from rough terrain and hot and cold temperatures.


High loft beds are cozy and comfortable, but a dual-foam bed is both comfortable and low to the ground, making it easy for dogs to climb atop after a long outdoor adventure.

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