The Triathlete

Identified by: Lean physique, tongue enthusiastically hanging out the of mouth, water beading off their fur, waist-worn leash around human’s waist—is out before sun goes up and after it goes down.

Beware of: Pools of dog drool big enough to swim in.

Theme song: “I’m in a hurry to get things done”

The Backpacker

Identified by: Matted fur, dusty paws, full pack.

Beware of: Poop bag?  What’s a poop bag?

Theme song: “Out in the great wide open”

The Mountain Biker

Identified by: Sporting a harness, worn down nails, and a nice layer of mud

Beware of: Insane dog behavior whenever a leash is pulled out.

Theme song: “Bicycle”

The Paddler

Identified by: Although this dog sports the “drowned rat” look, you will probably identify this dog by its wet dog aroma before you notice its appearance.

Beware of: The “as close to my human as possible” water shake off.

Theme song: “Rollin on the River”

The Mountaineer

Identified by: Fur dreadlocks, leash made of sling and beaner, looks at ease on a Class 4 scramble.

Beware of: Stepping all over your rope or knocking over your chalk bag.

Theme song: “Climb every mountain.”

The Skier

Identified by: Snowballed fur, frosty whiskers, porpoising through the snow

Beware of: Yellow snow.

Theme song: “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

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  1. I guess the crazies come out on the weekends to post things that don’t have anything to do with the dog blog, which I love BTW.

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