Did you know that economics determine how far a person will venture for their outdoor adventures?  In a tight economy, people make more of the resources available, and hence, the “backdoor adventure” is born.

But what is a backdoor adventure?  Backdoor adventures are quick, close-to-home adventures that can be done at lunch, before or after work, or on weekends.  Backdoor adventures such as trail running, biking, hiking–even yoga or long-boarding–are fun, easy, and require little equipment.

The advantage of integrating the outdoors into your day-to-day lifestyle has a variety of benefits.  It’s no wonder these activities are taking the outdoor industry by storm; the advantages are clear:

  1. They have a short learning curve. Many backdoor adventures can be self-taught and don’t require lessons, reducing the barrier to entry.
  2. They are inexpensive. Backdoor activities are generally close to home and require little gear or equipment.
  3. Even the dog can come. Because these activities usually require less skill, they are appropriate for the entire family—dog, children, grandparents, too!
  4. It can be integrated into part of your lifestyle. Often referred to as “gateway activities”, backdoor adventures easily become part of a regular fitness routine.  In fact, those who participate in backdoor activities generally participate in a higher variety of outdoor activities, and more often.

So grab your yoga mat, hiking shoes, and of course…dog leash, and head outside!  What are you waiting for?






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