The term “sun dog” may be used to describe a halo around the sun, but that doesn’t exactly mean every dog is an angel in the sun.  Despite the fact your dog would rather frolic in the snow than the sand, there are are plenty of ways to enjoy an outdoor adventure with your dog in the heat of summer.

Sun Worshiper

Five ways to make your sun seeker’s adventure more enjoyable:

  1. Apply sunscreen to the nose and other exposed areas.  Yes, dogs can get sunburn too!
  2. Pack along dog boots to protect your dog’s paws from hot terrain.
  3. Brush your dog to help with the natural shedding process.
  4. Consider shades.  Yes, even dogs can suffer from UV damage to the eyes, and there are companies that make eye protection to shade dogs from the bright sun.
  5. Opt for activities close to water so your dog can  cool off mid-adventure.

Shade Seeker

Five ways to make your shade seeker’s adventure more enjoyable:

  1. Pack plenty of hydration.  A cool, hydrated mouth is more effective in helping a dog cool down using evaporative panting.
  2. Plan your adventures for early morning or evening–when the heat index is the lowest.
  3. Try cooling gear such as the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler™.  This will promote evaporative cooling, creating “artificial sweat” to help cool down your dog.
  4. Seek activity at higher elevations.  When the heat gets high, head up for a mountain adventure where the temperature is cooler.
  5. Opt for adventures in locations with lots of shade where your dog can take frequent breaks.
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