August Ruff Wear Featured Ambassador

Conservation Canines Group

A Conservation Canine Cools down in the Swamp Cooler™ During a Scat Detection Project in Cambodia

job title: Scat Detection Analysts

breed: Various; but most common breed is Black Labs because there are a lot of ball-happy Black Labs in the shelters waiting to be rescued.

responsibilities: Sniff out the scat of various endangered species including the Spotted Owl, Sierra Nevada Red Fox, Wolverine, Mexican Wolf, and North American Right Whale.  Scat detection allows researchers to extract DNA and provide information on species, sex and individual animal identities which can then be used to estimate population sizes, genetic diversity and physiological analysis of various animals.

achievements: With their amazing sense of smell, these dogs can detect scat in unthinkable conditions.  For example, these canines can detect whale scat from one nautical mile away on a boat, and can also sniff out pocket mouse scat that’s the size of the tip of a pen.

favorite ruff wear gear: They use a lot of it, but one of our favorite stories from the field comes from use of the Swamp Cooler™:  “One of the many studies we couldn’t have accomplished without Ruffwear’s fantastic support! While in Cambodia we relied heavily on Ruffwear’s Swamp Coolers to help keep our dogs healthy and cool. After four months in the Eastern Plains of Cambodia our Swamp Coolers are still going strong! Thanks Ruffwear!”

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