Campfire and country music go together like, well, country and canines!

So next time your sitting ‘round the campfire with your favorite canine, why not serenade them with one of these dog-inspired classic country tunes.

Every Dog Has It’s Day – Toby Keith


See every dog has it’s day dog, when the big dog throws him a bone
One moment in the sunshine when your ducks line up in a row
Lucky dog gets a big ol’ bed, stray dog gets the porch
Every dog has it’s day dog, but today dog just ain’t yours

Howl at the Moon – Cheryl Wheeler


If I were maybe a wolf or a dog
I wouldn’t have to speak
Wouldn’t have to talk
Just eat my dinner and go for a walk
And howl at the moon.

I love my dog – Cat Stevens


I love my dog
As much as I love you,
But you may fade
My dog will always come through

Move It On Over – Hank Williams Sr


This dog house here is mighty small
But it’s better than no house at all
So ease it on over (move it on over)
Drag it on over (move it on over)
Move over old dog cause a new dogs moving in

Pull my Chain – Toby Keith


I used to howl at the moon, yeah I’ve been known to roam
Then I caught her trail one day, followed this girl home
I ain’t the same, she knows how to pull my chain

Your turn! Bark at us: What’s your favorite dog-inspired tune?

4 thoughts

  1. I make up limericks with my 11 year old niece about her dog, Riley, and my dog, Pippin. Silly stuff, but fun.

    There once was a good dog named Riley,
    who was wiggly and silly and smiley.
    When she fetches the ball,
    she won’t quit at all,
    and we think of her very highly.

    There once was a puppy named Pippin,
    who loved running and jumping and skippin’
    We went to the lake
    and Pippin did take
    and he spent his day sleeping and dippin’.

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