It’s July and we’re all about camping and backpacking with your dog this month.  So what better place to start than to ask fellow dog-owners to share their favorite spots?

Click on this map to check out camping and backpacking spots in your area, or add your own!

Dog-friendly places map

To add a point to the map:

1. Select “Add” button (top, right-hand corner)

2. Fill out the blank fields (including all four tabs!). Don’t forget to add a picture of your dog in this spot under the “media” tab if you have one

3. Click “Submit”.

4. You will be provided with a URL to use for edits.  Copy and save this unique URL in case you want to make changes after viewing it.  Once you have submitted your marker, you may have to refresh your screen to view it.

3 thoughts

  1. hi – I believe that I actually added something to this map awhile back, and now I notice that it’s location on the map is incorrect. the address is still correct, but the marker is across the state! Who should I contact/how should I fix this? thanks!

    1. Which marker is it? We can move it for you if you tell us the correct location, or you can go to to edit. To move the marker, open the info bubble and click on the arrow at the bottom right-hand corner, or click on the market name and it will take you to an edit screen to change the address.

      We have notified the developer of marker placement issues and apologize for the inconvenience.

      1. perfect – thanks! I think I got it – it was the Laurel Highlands Hiking trail. it seems the zip code was just listed as “PA”, so I changed it to the real zip and it seems to have worked. Thanks for your help!

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