June was all about breaking out the (dog) paddles and enjoying the water with your canine.  We thought we’d wrap up the month with a summary of the Top Five Things Ruff Wear Learned About Dogs and the Water this month.

1.  Not all dogs can swim…at least, until they are taught.  So, if you are itching to teach your dog the doggy paddle, start by choosing calm, shallow water in a quiet location.

2.  Canine PFD’s are not yet rated by the Coast Guard, however, similar principles of pounds of flotation and body mass were considered during the research and design of Ruff Wear’s Float Coats.  Movement, buoyancy, natural swimability, and easy lifting were all considerations that were inspired by the true-life adventures of Otis, and Patrick (Ruff Wear’s Founder).

3.  There is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant.  Waterproof means no water in, no water out; while water-resistant refers to fabric treated with a coating that is impervious to water.

4.  The “land seal” to “sand crab” ratio of Ruff Wear customers is 9:13.  The most surprising “land seal”?  A Mini Pinscher.  Most surprising sand crab?  A black Labrador.

5.  We have some pretty funny water dogs in our Ruff Wear community, including a dog who refused to swim in clean water, and another that can blow bubbles in the water.  Check out more funny water dog stories here, or tell us your own!

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