The first time around we posted a list of our top-rated trails for dogs.  This time, we asked our customers, and armed with this info,  created an interactive map of dog-friendly North American trails.  Click below to view trails in your area…and feel free to add your favorite trails, pictures, and descriptions.

To add new trails, click on the “View Larger Image” link or click here. Once the map opens up in Google Maps, select “Save to My Maps”.  This will require a sign in using your Google or Gmail account.  Once signed in, type the address or location of the trail in the “Search Maps” bar.  Click on the marker point and select “Save to” and “Great Trails for Dogs.”

One thought

  1. Davos Trail is a fun, uphill climb for about 3 miles. At the top of the initial 100 foot climb the jeep road will break off onto another trail (North Trail), also great for dogs, but continues climbing for a ways without any water crossings. Continue down the jeep road to the only water crossing. Only 1 creek crossing but a lot of brush and trees along the jeep road to the top. Getting closer to the towers, higher up, the road begins to be covered by alot of tree shade with many mud puddles along the way, not ideal, but fun for the dogs. Near the top, the jeep road splits again, you will want to go left and continue up to the towers for a great view of the Vail Valley. Going right continues to climb along the jeep road for a while longer. Not as pretty, no water. Bring water for the pooch and have fun. Also a great mt biking trail if you want. No leash required.

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