Love playing fetch with your dog but hate being left with soggy hand syndrome?

Rubber toys are great options for fetch because rubber–which is naturally bouncy, nearly indestructible–is also very easy to clean.

Just rinse rubber toys in the sink, or throw in the dishwasher, and they come out looking and smelling like new.  No gummed up, slobber-ridden toy here!

Because rubber is naturally sustainable, and easy to manipulate into various shapes and sizes, the selections are endless.

Here’s a cheat sheet for selecting the best rubber toy based on your dog’s fetch behavior.

Best toy for high-energy, destructive types

While no toy is completely indestructible, the TurnUp™ comes pretty close.  The almost round shape, and lack of nubs and seams makes this toy very difficult for a dog to hold down and chew.  When thrown, it bounces far, high, and in multiple directions; adding extra challenge to each fetch.  The bonus: this toy fits in ball throwers (like a Chuck-It)!

Best toy for puppies and aging adventurers

The tapered shape of the Sqwash™ is great for large or small mouths.  The Sqwash™ is our most pliable rubber compound, making it soft on the teeth–perfect for puppies and senior dogs.  When thrown, the toy stays low to the ground, making it easier to fetch for amateurs or dogs with aching joints.

Best toy for big dogs

The SquareBall™–which is a 3″ cube with substantial weight–is our largest and most dense toy.  The weight and odd shape builds momentum and keeps going, and going, and going…

Best toy for slobbery boys

The Gourdo™ is designed as much for the owner as the dog.  The rope lanyard makes long distance throws fun, while also providing you with a place to grab while avoiding the slobbery rubber end.  Make the slobbery end extra soggy by stuffing the toy with treats.  Your dog will love sucking out the treat while also getting a nice gum massage from the nubs on the exterior.

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