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First, let’s start off by saying we believe dogs have a great ability to maintain a natural balance that keeps them clean despite their hygiene habits.

A dog’s fur and oils are amazingly resistant to dirt and stench without lots of grooming, and over-washing may actually strip a dog’s fur of natural oils.

That being said, there comes a time in every dog’s life when their smell is no longer welcome in the car or home, and one must bite the bullet and wash their dog.

How do you know the time has come?

Here are ten signs that a dog bath is in order:

1.  He’s growing a nice coat of mud.

2.  When your dog greets you with her smell before her bark.

3.  The skunk runs from the dog.

4.  He’s beginning to get rather manageable dread locks.

5. People begin asking what breed she is because they’ve never seen a brown (Pyreneese, American Eskimo, Husky…).

6.  Fleas have begun to hold Town Hall meetings on his back.

7.  She’s getting the cold shoulder at the dog park.

8.  He catches a whiff of something he wants to track down, and then realizes it’s his own stench.

9.  She actually has entire bushes embedded in her hair.

10. People call him in as an abandoned dog while still on-leash.

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  1. I work at a doggy wash in san diego and one of my favorites is when a dog is shedding so much he leaves a trail to the tub! or when it ends up “snowing” fur around the store 🙂

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