Because April is synonymous with wet rain and mud, we decided to feature one of our favorite products for dirty, wet dogs–the Flophouse Foam Pad™.  Yes, this bed is comfortable, won’t take up a lot of space, and won’t pack down over time, but there are three things that make the bed stand out from the rest:

1.  Filter Foam Top Layer provides cushioning while also drawing dirt, debris, and water off the top layer, to the next layer of foam.

2. Non-Absorbent Middle Foam Layer provides a second layer of comfort while containing dirt and muck.  The closed-cell foam prevents dirt and grime from nesting in the layers, making for easy washing.

3. Waterproof Bottom creates a barrier to contain moisture, protecting your floor, car, or rug from muck until you are ready to clean the pad.

When you are ready to clean the Flophouse Foam Pad, just hose it off and hang it to dry.

Of course, like all our products, this bed was made for outdoor adventures, but some great “unofficial” uses for this bed you may not have thought of are:

1.  Wet beach dog. When a day at the beach leaves your dog sandy, salty, and dirty, throw the Flophouse Foam Pad in the back of the car  for the ride home.  Sand, water, and all the stink that come with the beach will be contained between the layers of this bed, protecting your car until you are ready to wash the pad.

2.  Outdoor dwelling. Because this bed is made of foam instead of polyfill, the layers work with water instead of becoming a big, soppy mess when it rains.  For this reason, the Flophouse is great for moisture-ridden areas such as dewy outdoor porches, dog houses, or boats.

3. Puppy-proof bedding. Because messes can be contained in the layers of the bed, this pad is perfect for crate training, puppy-proofing, or incontinent aging adventurers.

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