April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring dirt, mud, and stink into your household courtesy of our hairy four-legged friends.  While most of Ruff Wear’s gear features water-friendly design and features, we wanted to list our five favorite water-related products:

1.  Of course we must start with our doggy lifejackets.  Our two canine float coats (The Portage and The Big Eddy) are both designed to allow maximum movement and ergonomic flotation in the water.  The Portage™, best for dogs that are learning to swim in calm waters, features great high-visibility colors, an assistance handle, and reflective trim.  The Big Eddy™ takes canine flotation to the next level with durable, ballistic nylon outer that withstands abrasion from rocks, sand, and rough waters.  It also features a heavily reinforced handle, upgraded buckles, contoured neckline, and double the reflective.  Either float coat is perfect for keeping your dog safe during those water splashing activities.

2. How about protection from the water when it falls from the sky?  The Sun Shower rain jacket will protect your dog, head to tail, from April showers.  It includes a zip-off hood, extra body coverage, reflective trim, and the best part—a breathable waterproof shell that will leave your dog cool and dry!

3.  Number three on our list is the Flophouse™ Foam Pad.  The Flophouse™ deals with water in an entirely new way.  Use it in the back of your car to contain a beach-ridden wet dog from getting your car wet, or use it indoors to contain “puppy messes”.  It even makes a great outdoor or doghouse bed.  The magic is in the double foam layers that filter and absorb wetness while the waterproof bottom contains the mess until you’re ready to clean it up.  The best part?  When you’re ready to clean the Flophouse, just hose it off and hang it to dry.

4.  Is your puddle-splashing pup making walks a chore?  The Skyliner™ boots are a great option for walking in or around water.  The upper is treated with a waterproof coating which helps keep water out, and paws dry.  We have a good amount of customers who also use this product to prevent slipping and damage on boats when their canine co-pilot joins them aboard.

5.  Our newest product—the Headwater™ Collar—is not only waterproof, but stinkproof too.  Originally designed to be used for dogs that swim a lot, we found that the stinkproof nature of this product makes it great for use in the rain, snow, cow pastures, skunk-ridden trails—anywhere a dog might get stinky!  And you can even leave it on while you bathe your stinky friend too!

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  1. I just bought a Portage Float Coat for my German Shorthaired Pointer, Silas, this weekend. I can’t wait to get him out in the canoe next weekend! I’ve only had him since November, so this is his first outing with me, but I know that the fit/feeling of the life jacket – and his safety – will be the least of my worries while we’re on the water – he loves it! In fact, shortly after putting it on him, he climbed up onto the couch, put his head on my shoulder, and fell fast asleep, dreaming and twitching away 🙂 I’d like to think he was dreaming of wearing his new gear on a canoeing adventure, but maybe that’s a stretch. Anyway – thanks for making such a comfortable, safety-wise product!

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