Think your dog smells?  Well, while your dog may not be “fresh as a daisy”, chances are its actually their collar that stinks.  Collars tend to harbor smelly bacteria, and bacteria isn’t the only thing you’ll find there—fungus, dirt, germs, and parasites can all find a home in the comfy weave of a collar.

How can you prevent collar stink?  You can start by choosing a collar that won’t absorb the things that smell.  Ruff Wear’s newest collar addition, the Headwater™ Collar, is an odor-free, bacteria-resistant, easy to clean neck accessory.  The webbing is coated and treated with an anti-microbal treatment that repels dirt, water, and germs from penetrating the surface.  The TPU/silicone coating dries as quickly as it gets wet, leaving the collar looking and smelling like new.

If you have a standard webbing collar, it should be removed before you bathe or swim your dog to prevent bacteria growth.  You will probably need to clean your collar regularly to rid it of odor and bacteria.  To do this, launder with detergent or liquid soap and hot water.  Wash thoroughly and allow it to air dry COMPLETELY before putting it back on your dog.  You may also want to wash the fur of the dog where the collar nested.

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  1. Well, since both my animals are decked out in only RuffWear gear, we don’t have that problem. However, Sophie, the Goldendoodle wacko, likes to snack on bad smelling things. She has very stinky breath, and not sure how to cure that behavior!

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