A letter from Patrick Kruse, Ruff Wear’s Founder, about the release of Ruff Wear’s Spring/Summer 2010 Product Line:

Recently I have been reminded of the opportunities that wherever you
go, there you are affords each of us. With the current economic environment,
many of us have become reacquainted with adventures and destinations
closer to home. As friends and family take road trips and drop in for a visit,
we are reminded just how much our own hometowns and cities have to
offer. And adding four legged friends into the mix can exponentially increase
the fun. Their companionship and enthusiasm for any adventure—be it a walk
in the park or a multi-day excursion—is certain to put a smile on your face
and a spring in your step.

As we have explored our surroundings here at Ruff Wear this past
season, we’ve combined our personal experiences with your product
suggestions to come up with new gear that offers fresh opportunities
for adventure.

The Highlands™ Backpacking Bed

Our Highlands Bed™ is an evolution in warmth versus weight. We’ve
combined high loft 50% recycled Thermore® insulation with a durable
water-resistant 40% recycled PET shell…all in a 14oz package. Our newest
slumber option is definitely our lightest and most compact, and it comes
complete with its own stuff sack.

The SingleTrak™ Hydration Pack

Our Singletrak Pack™ has been in the works for a few years, allowing us
to refine the fit and function, and achieve peak performance. This sleek, low-profile
hydration pack includes two 0.5L Platypus® Platy™ bottles that are
100% BPA-free and taste-free, and is ideal for those aerobic adventures
where water is really all you need.

The Hydro Plane™ Floating Disc

The Hydro Plane™ is our new soft disc for catch and fetch interactive
fun, specifically in aquatic environments. The disc is designed to float high
for excellent visibility on bodies of water, and the soft foam baffles make it
easy for dogs to grasp comfortably.

The Headwater™ Stink-Proof Collar

Last, but certainly not least, our Headwater™ Collar addresses what
many have been asking for, a superior waterproof collar option. It uses
unique waterproof-coated webbing that is strong, yet very supple. Because
the waterproof coating will not allow the webbing to absorb dogs’ natural
oils, the Headwater Collar will still be odor-free after many swims. Of course,
we have included a separate ID attachment point (a Ruff Wear standard),
and reflective patterns that ensure your dog is visible.

All of our new products are built to the same exacting Ruff Wear standards…
assuring you that our Performance Dog Gear will provide a lifetime
of good clean fun. The addition of our dog blog and our Facebook page
have opened up new ways for us to share adventures and valuable information.
We enjoy hearing from you as well, and learning what you have been
up to, so keep those stories coming.

Have fun out there and remember wherever you go, there you are.


Patrick Kruse

Leader of the Pack

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