April Ruff Wear Featured Comment of the Month

From: Coni Fisher, Paws ‘n’ Tails Hydrotherapy Pool

Location: Black Forest, CO

Wow, do we have a long and happy relationship with Ruff Wear Float Coats.  I ran Paws ‘n’ Tails Hydrotherapy Pool in Berkshire, England where I was swimming 100 dogs per week and only used Ruff Wear Float Coats for my clients because they were simply the best coats on the market.  After moving back to the States, Paws ‘n’ Tails Hydrotherapy Pool was opened in Black Forest, Colorado, by my son Mike Hasty.  We only use Ruff Wear Float Coats for the dogs here as well because they stand up to the 70 plus dogs per week that put them to the test.  These coats are perfect for the work we do with the dogs with regard to canine hydrotherapy.  The Float Coats keep the dog’s back nice and flat allowing them range of motion without restriction and the proper swimming form which is extremely important during a rehab session.  The way the coats are made and wrap underneath gives the less confident dogs more confidence in the water.  I tell clients that the Ruff Wear Float Coat acts like a “hug” for their dog.  These are the only dog life jackets that we recommend to anyone who asks.  Here’s to many more successful years.

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