April Dog Tale of the Month – CARDA Tests the DoubleBack™ Harness During Rescue Training

from: Jennifer, CARDA (Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association)

location: Whistler, Canada

I got to do a short training HETS flight in Whistler and tried out the DoubleBack Harness under the heli.  As you can imagine, heli time is expensive and the training is being squeezed in amongst other things (like Olympic ski racing!) so I don’t have a lot time to set someone up to take awesome shots, or control the weather/light…

I was happy with how the harness worked/fit, were taken on a short circuit, and then set down to do a very small practice search (find a buried article).  I left the leg loops on for the search portion even and the dog seemed quite comfortable (it was only about 5 min).  I used the single attachment point and he seemed well balanced.  I had him a little higher than I wanted, but that was my fault, not the fault of the harness..


Jennifer (Coulter) & Farley

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