So, you’ve begun a running regimen with your dog and are up to 20 minutes of running each day, well-conditioned, and ready for a challenge.  What’s a good goal to set for yourself and your dog?  Once both you and your dog are conditioned, consider this schedule to help build and maintain endurance and fitness:

Monday: 3 mile run at an easy pace.

Tuesday: Walk or take day off.

Wednesday: 5 – 10 mile tempo run (a bit faster).

Thursday: Walk or take day off.

Friday: 3 – 5 mile easy run.

If you prefer to run more than three days a week, you may want to consider leaving your canine at home, especially if they are not a typical running bread.  Although this may truly sadden your pup, the rest and recovery are as important as the conditioning program.

While running consecutive days is generally not a problem for younger, healthy, and athletic dogs, it is recommended that every other day be at a much more moderate pace than the day before.  Look for signs of fatigue and muscle soreness after longer or more difficult runs.  A lack of enthusiasm when you pull out the leash might be an indicator of a tired or sore dog, in which case a walk might be more appropriate.

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