All work and no play makes Ruff Wear a dull company.  So, in true Ruff Wear fashion, we traded our Grip Trex™ boots for snow boots and closed up the office for a February 25th ski day.   The trip was an enjoyable and amazing experience for all, giving us a chance to reconnect with the outdoors.  Each employee was given the option to alpine, cross-country, or skate ski.  Some were experts, daring to ski backcountry down the back side of Mt. Bachelor, while others tried to keep their balance learning a new sport.

The team poses on Mt. Bachelor

Top highlights from the trip?

  • Chelsea can now tell her friends that she gets paid to ski
  • Young was left seeing stars and hear canaries tweeting
  • Ryan’s board went missing
  • Ryan’s board is found strapped to Young’s feet
  • Patrick can do somersaults in the snow
  • Lindsey took a group on a “round the volcano” magical mystery tour
  • Skier/boarder cross – Jesse threw the smack down
  • Avalanche rescue demonstration of the DoubleBack™ Harness – Seeing is believing

The Mt. Bachelor Avalanche Team demonstrates how they use the DoubleBack™ Harness

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