March Ruff Wear Featured Comment of the Month

From: Jon and Aleece

Location: Oregon

We’d like you to meet Cody, our 1 1/2 yr old fun loving, frendly, outdoor enthusiastic aussie/heeler mix that we recently adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. He came to us slightly skinny, timid, kind of beat up (reportedly fell out of pickup before coming to the shelter), but showed a big heart and a great disposition. Since he has moved in and has had time to adjust and go through training, he has transformed into a healthy, well adjusted dog, bounding with energy and love to show all the world.

His favorite activities are: hiking, playing in the snow, sitting in mud puddles when hot (the dirtier the better), playing frisbee, fetching tennis balls, chasing squirrels (but tennis balls will suffice if no squirrels are around to be found), or just hanging out with his people.

In the short time we’ve had Cody, he’s traveled throughout Oregon, from the coast to play frisbee on the beach, to the Gorge where he’s hiked up the trails to take in the views, and to the mountains where he’s buried his nose in the snow (probably looking for squirrels) and enjoyed a good game of fetch in the powder.

We can’t help but spoil him with Ruff Wear products since testing and proving the excellent durability, attention to detail, and functionality of all the items we have purchased, like his Bark’n Boots and liners, Fern Green Sun Shower Coat, and large Fern Green Hover Craft. He loves struttin his stuff in his jacket and we like it because it helps keep the rain off during his long sessions of playing in the Oregon winter weather. We especially love Cody’s Hover Craft though because it’s the only frisbee thus far that hasn’t been chewed up and destroyed by his “soft mouth” :). We’re looking forward to buying him the Approach Pack so he can go on longer hikes with us.


Cody’s people (Jon & Aleece)

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