Running with your dog can give you an added sense of security.  They are very aware of their surroundings, can warn you of other people/dogs on the trail, and bark if threatened.


A dog is the most dependable and motivated running partner you will ever find.  Their tail will wag at the mere mention of a R-U-N.


Not only does running help you get fit, it will help control your dog’s weight, muscle tone, cardiovascular health, and endurance.


Running is also good for a dog’s mental health.  Allowing a dog to get outside to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of nature will make your dog happy.

Energy Release

Some dogs have an overwhelming amount of energy.  Running a dog on a regular basis helps release energy that would more than likely otherwise be vented on your furniture, carpet, or innocent chew toys.

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  1. Running with dogs is awesome! So much more fun than running alone and the dogs love it. Like your comment about dogs being motivated running partners – so true! I have a mini pack of 3 terriers who give all the motivation I need.

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