Admittedly, we’re a little Apple obsessed here at Ruff Wear.  Maybe it’s because all our computers are Macs, or maybe it’s because the endless features of the iPhone/AT&T network that only recently became available to us here in Bend, Oregon.  Either way, we love Apple and iPhone apps make us drool (or, slobber).  So here are a few of our favorite iPhone apps for dog owners:

Best App for Dog Play
Off Leash
This FREE app by Eukanuba uses GPS or zipcode to locate nearby off-leash dog parks, then gives you turn by turn directions to get there.  You can even suggest your favorite park to get it added to the service.

Best App for Pet Safety
Pet Owner’s Manual ($.99)
This app features emergency how-to information for bee stings, doggie CPR, allergies—it’s like a virtual canine first-aid kit.  You can even use the “Find a Vet” feature which uses GPS to locate nearby veterinary services.

Best App for the Traveling Dog Owner
DogiDuty ($.99)
For times when Fido can’t join along, this app allows your dog’s caretaker to send information to you including when your dog is fed, walked, or given medicine.

Best App for Prospective Dog Owners
Dog-A-Log ($.99)
This app provides breed information based on Wikipedia entries.  This is a great application for prospective dog owners searching shelters and rescue groups for the a compatible canine companion.

Best App for Fun
iClean Screen Cleaner ($.99)
Similar to the dog-licking screen cleaner email that circulates around offices, this app “cleans” your iPhone screen with hilarious video of dogs licking the screen.  All the love minus the slobber damage.

Best App for Training
Dog Whistle
This FREE app gives out whistle frequencies up to 20,000 Hz and mimics various dog whistles to help train your dog to do tricks.  It also has a “bark detector” that triggers a whistle tone when the dog’s sound level exceeds a certain threshold.

Most Politically Correct App
The First Dog ($.99)
This app allows you to virtually pet, feed and play with the First Dog, Bo, and if that’s not politically correct enough for you, the proceeds benefit the Humane Society.

Best Personalized App
Shake & Bark
This FREE app lets you download a picture and sound file of your dog’s bark, which will let out a yelp when you shake your phone.

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  1. Just got an iPhone last week and after geeking out for about 1/2 a day I found quite a few that you’ve mentioned (and listed on my blog too!) but so far I really like PetDossier ( for keeping track of all your dogs’ stats. It covers i.d. #’s, bday, lifestyle, health, vet info, etc… and you can email any of the info if you need to. I also like Pet First Aid for emergencies.

  2. Also, check out Fido Factor (free). We’re like the Yelp for all things dog friendly. We’ve got a great website in addition to the app and mobile site ( The listings & reviews are user generated so if you don’t see something in your area please add it. Also, the listings on our app our updated in real time and we’re getting 50-100 new listings a week.

    The are only a couple of us working on the site & app but we’ve got big improvements planned including an update to the app (soon), more sharing tools, and more locations.

    Check us on on the web, in the iTunes store, on Facebook or Twitter.

    Thanks & Woof!

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