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  1. One more thing… Puppies vs. rescue dogs. MANY of my friends have bought puppies from backyard breeders, despite my objections. I believe many people, especially young and inexperienced, believe puppies are easier to train and are scared of adopting an adult dog from a shelter because they’ll be “wild.” Wake up call – puppies are wild! Puppies are the biggest handful. Unless you are patient, consistent and take a training class, your puppy will not turn into that well-behaved adult dog you hoped for. I can’t tell you how well-behaved and easy to train all our rescue dogs have been. I wish people would put aside their selfishness and just adopt!

    1. Good point. We feel it is important to choose the right dog for your lifestyle, and many great breeds are available at shelters. We have a mix of shelter, rescue, lost and found, and breeder dogs here, but we can all agree it works because we choose dogs that fit our time and energy levels! Some are surprised at the quality of dogs that can be found at a shelter. No one should shy away from a rescued pup just because they are looking for a particular breed. It’s amazing what you can find!

  2. We have a family of mixed rescues and pure breeds. We found our dog Dixie on http://www.petfinder.com – she was at the Payson Humane Society (now called Humane Society of Central Arizona). She’s be best dog I could ever have! My parents have two Portuguese water dogs they purchased from my aunt who used to show champion Porties. They also have a rescue dog, a yorkie mix, from a family who could no longer afford to keep him. My sister found a stray (another yorkie mix), found the owners a day later, and they asked her to keep him. Guess who are the most misbehaved dogs out of all of them? The Porties. Don’t know how good they have it. 😉

  3. My dog was rescued from the breeder who was beating the puppies. It wasn’t from me, but I adopted her from the rescuer so she could have the space to run (she was gotten out of the situation to find a better home). My cat wasn’t a rescue animal, but rather a beer distributer free-bee. I would love to get another 4-legged one or two, but have to wait until I get into a bigger place.

  4. I have 4 dogs. The first two were adopted as puppies from a shelter. The next one was about a year old when I found him starving during a snow storm. The last one I rescued from his previous home. He was skin and bones and so sick. I rushed him to the vet as soon as I got him from his last owner and the vet didn’t think he was going to live but he made a full recovery. These are the only dogs I’ve ever had so I have no idea what it would be like to get a dog from a pet store or breeder but I’ve always been a sucker for someone who needs my help so I will never shop for a dog from one of those places.

  5. I am definitely always there for the underdogs too (pun not intention but appropriate!). Love my dog! Who came from the Humane Society of Atlantic County. GRRRRR to puppy mills! I would never buy a dog personally, but if one wants to buy, a reputable breeder is the way to go. Just remember, there is a rescue for almost every pure breed out there, so you CAN get a specific breed without purchasing.

  6. We adopted our dog at a local no-kill shelter, Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA (www.aawl.org). They are a great outfit and all their employees and volunteers truly care for the dogs there! Toby, the “little guy” we adopted (Canaan dog who has since grown to be a 50 pound puppy at only 10 months), has been a dream come true and has added so much joy to our lives we couldn’t possibly be able to repay the hard work, dedication and care the staff gave to him while he was there!
    Shelters are the way to go

  7. I worked at the BC SPCA (Canada) for 3 years. I managed to only take home one dog and one cat! (My apartment wouldn’t allow for anything else.) Since then I’ve adopted two other dogs from shelters/rescue organisations. My first 2 dogs were 5 years old when I adopted them (one husky and one Rotti) and I had no trouble training them. My newest dog is 2 (another Rotti). She’s been fantastic and very easy to train. I think people want puppies because they think older dogs are hard to train. I’ve never had a puppy so it’s hard to say, but I can say that none of my dogs have been hard to train, and they don’t chew my shoes or need to pee 3 times a night!

    I saw a lot working at the SPCA and I have a wish list for the way people buy animals:
    1. It should be illegal to purchase a pet from a store (any kind of pet)
    2. No animal should be bred without some kind of license
    3. Legislation should be such that it makes it a lot easier for the SPCA to do their job shutting down Puppy Mills and Back Yard Breeders
    4. Pets should only be purchased from certified breeders
    I could go on… but that will do for now!

    I own a pet store in a small town and I try to offer as much free advice and free training as possible to help people deal with their pet problems. Puppies bring me more revenue, but I will always encourage people to adopt adult dogs from the shelter 🙂

  8. My first dog was from a breeder, but we adopted our second dog from a rescue group. I love puppies, but I find it too hard to adopt from a breeder when there is a dog out there in a crate with no one to call its family. I have nothing against responsible breeders and will probably get a puppy at some point. I believe that you should require a license to breed. There are too many BYBs and puppy mills out there that even shelters can’t support all that they produce.

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