Donovan, a Retired Greyhound Racer

After I got married over ten years ago, one of the first things I wanted to do was adopt a couple of dogs.  My husband Todd was all about dogs and was as eager as I was to find a couple of furry friends to complete our family. When I suggested that we learn more about greyhounds that have been retired from dog racing, Todd’s first reaction was, “I’m not getting dogs that don’t have any personality!”

Well, I talked Todd into going to a greyhound event to meet some retired former racing greyhounds and see what they were all about. Within ten minutes of meeting these greyhounds, we fell in love with them. Each one we met was sweeter than the last and they just stole our hearts. We wanted to steal a couple right then and there and take them home! A couple of weeks later, we drove to the greyhound adoption center to see if we could find two hounds that wanted to come home with us.

We adopted both Molly and Donovan from the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana, Mexico

When we arrived, Bruna (the woman who has faithfully rescued greyhounds from the race track for many years) told me that she had a very special dog among the fifteen adoptable greyhounds. His name was Donovan Bailey (named after the Canadian sprinter) and even though he was a little beat up, he was a diamond in the rough. True enough, when we met Donovan, he looked awful! He had almost no hair left from his midsection on back to his naked tail. He was flea-bitten and skinny. I was afraid if we took him home, people would think we had beat him and starved him.

Donovan, like all of the greyhounds in this adoption center, came from the Caliente race track in Tijuana Mexico. They were not treated very well, as we could clearly see from Donovan’s appearance.

Molly and Donovan have brought an incredible amount of love and laughter into our lives

When Donovan came out in the yard to meet us, he immediately ran to my side and put his head on my hip and looked up at me. He was visibly afraid of Todd and didn’t want Todd to get close to him, so that concerned us. But, I just had this feeling about Donovan. He became our companion in that moment. Next, we met a few female dogs that Donovan didn’t seem to care one way or another about. Then, he met Molly. She animated him in a way that no other dog did. It was meant to be and both Molly and Donovan came home with us.

Over the past nine years, we’ve found wonderful companions in both Molly and Donovan. It turns out, greyhounds have very funny personalities, are sweet, gentle and make great companions. At the age of almost 13, Molly passed away last year, but Donovan is still going strong. He turned 13 last November and is our faithful friend. I would recommend adopting a greyhound (or any rescued dog) to anyone wanting more laughter and love in their life!

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  1. Great story about your greyhounds. I’ve always loved this breed. I have a mixed breed that is part greyhound as confirmed by DNA and she is silly, smart, and sweet. I’m sorry you lost your Molly last year.

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