Dog adoption usually goes something like this:  A family walks into a shelter, humane society, or breeder’s home with an idea of exactly what they are looking for: young, active, groomed, attractive family dog with a great personality and wits enough to train. But what happens to the dogs that fall short of that tall order?

Tivoli has been in search of a home for two years

For Tivoli, a 7-year-old sharpie/pit bull mix, the realities of being adopted have become discouraging.  Tivoli’s story begins with a good Samaritan, and hopefully it will end with one, too.

Tivoli was found battered, burned and left for dead

On June 7, 2008, Tivoli was brought in to the Humane Society of the Ochocos by a person who found him at the reservoir near Prineville, Oregon.  Over 90 percent of his body was burned; he was drenched in gasoline, muzzled, and thrown from a truck, left to die.  The abuse left him with multiple cuts, a broken hip, and very sore paws.  He spent a week in intensive care and a month in the hospital, but remarkably has recovered enough not to require any special veterinary care—though he has no hair, and badly battered feet which require him to be covered and “booted up” before going outside.

Despite his imperfections, Tivoli is much loved by the staff at the Humane Society, who has asked Ruff Wear for help finding Tivoli a home.  After two years at the Humane Society of the Ochocos—a no-kill shelter—Tivoli remains without a home.  Due to his injuries, his skin is sensitive and he needs to remain mostly indoors with no other cats or dogs.  The pin in his hip also prevents him from going up and down stairs.

Tivoli has recovered and seeks a good home

If you are interested in adopting Tivoli, please contact the Humane Society of the Ochocos, located at 1280 S. Tom McCall Road in Prineville, Oregon, or call 541-447-7178 for more information.

Tivoli also has his own website at:

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  1. I just started fostering with an organization in Minnesota. I came across this post accidently. Hearing what TiVi had been through and seeing that picture brought me to tears. I’ll never understand how people can be so cruel to another human being.

    Jonathan – Thank you for opening your heart and life for precious TiVi.

    If we all continue to help rasie awareness, maybe one day this world will be a better place.

  2. I heard about this dog and when I seen the pictures on fox 12 in Oregon I was really upset this happened to him. I am glad that the Prineville animal shelter found him a good home.

    I recently this year rescued a little dog and he finally got his second chance forever home! and is doing well and still has not barked!

  3. It’s stories like this that continue to drive me to animal welfare. Tragic – but I am hopeful that Tivi, who is clearly a survivor, will have a home soon and experience the love and kindness that he deserves. Thank you for sharing this story with us all.

    Cheers to you and Tivi.

  4. If I had no other animals and lived closer, I would certainly take Tivoli. I do pray for him and I know that he will find his true home and someone who needs him to love and will cherish him always. I can not understand such evil but it will certainly “come back on” whoever did such a cruel thing to a helpless dog. God Bless Tivolli and all other creatures, abused or not.

  5. I can’t quite adopt Tivi from Australia, but I can visualise and pray up a loving dedicated home for him. His story reminds me why it is important to foster love amongst humans – so humans stop hurting animals. I pray we are moving into an age of widespread compassion and love.

  6. Tivi is a great dog, loving, funny and just a character. I am so happy that so many people are stepping up to help Tivi get a home. I visit Tivi once a week when I volunteer at the shelter he lives at.

    the staff there truly love him, especially Susan and Randa. He went for his first visit to the park last week and actually walked on soft cool grass. What a fiesta for his poor little feet.

    Ruff Wear sent Tivi some coats and some shoes. We put the shoes on him and he didn’t seem to mind them one bit, but is was pretty funny to watch him walk in them.

    thanks to all that have opened their hearts to help Tivi. He is a special dog with many special friends.

  7. We have three rescue dogs of our own and foster every chance we get. All I know is that animals that are abused like this are reserved a special place in our hearts and in heaven. The people that did this aweful deed are also reserved a special place that is just as unpleasant as their deeds.

    Be strong Tivoli, you’ll find a home and you are loved.

  8. What a heart-tugging story. It astonishes me that anyone can hurt another living thing in such a horrific way (at all really, but especially to that extent). I really hope he finds a great home!

  9. Thank you so much for this beautiful blog about Tivi! We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed for Tivi. We know his forever home is out there somewhere and we won’t stop till his perfect home comes along!! LOVE YOU TIVI!!!

  10. I actually own a pitbull/sharpie mix that was a rescue from the shelter – I adopted on her last day (she was due to be put down) and she’s the love of my life now! I’m so glad this guy has been given another chance too. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this story. As a pitbull lover, it’s good for people to see how much love these dogs have to give despite the very unfortunate starts to life that some of them have.

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