February Dog Tale of the Month – Tumalo Falls Snow Shoe

from: Debbie, Ruff Wear Product Tester and Hank (aka “The Professor)

location: Tumalo Falls, Oregon

MeHank, and six others set out on a 6 mile-plus snow shoeing and running adventure up the Tumalo Falls trails, testing the Ruff Wear Cloud Chaser™ jacket.  I love the light weight and sleek look.  It allows for fast running in cold weather.

I love the color of Hank’s Cloud Chaser™, but wish I would have gotten it in black—a more manly color.  The reflective trim and light loop are awesome.

We tested the Cloud Chaser™ on snow packed trails with icy and crusty snow in parts–three miles on the trail and three miles on a snow covered road.

I was extremely pleased with the Cloud Chaser™.  The fit is stellar, no rubbing or chafing.  It definitely kept Hank more warm and comfortable on our 4-1/2 hour adventure. The Portland folks we ran with were really impressed with Hank’s gear.  Most of them work for NIKE and they were really impressed with the high quality.

While we were at the falls, our Portland crew had a snack of fancy cheese and Kippers.  Hank doesn’t normally get fed people food, but the Portlanders fed him the Kippers and he loved them.  He liked the fancy can, too.

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