We believe the names of our products are as important as the names of the dogs who use them.  To make sure we come up with the most creative, funny, outdoorsy, or geographically-relevant names possible, we gather ’round the office twice a year with a dog or two in one hand, Northwest beer in the other, and brainstorm for hours until we find the perfect names.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Palisades Pack™ pack, created for long backpacking adventures which require packing additional food and water, was inspired by the long-distance backpack to get to Palisades Basin, a region in Kings Canyon National Park, California.
Palisades Basin, California
The Big Eddy Float Coat™ was designed with our most agile and frequent water-dwelling canines in mind. The name was inspired by the Big Eddy rapids along the Dechutes River, in Central Oregon. This fast-water area is popular among skilled rafters and kayakers.
Deschutes River, Oregon

The Portage Float Coat™ was specifically designed to keep beginning canine swimmers safe in slower-moving waters.  To “portage” is a safety measure in which watercraft is carried over land in order to avoid an obstacle such as rapids, waterfalls, and spillways.  Inexperienced paddlers may choose to portage around difficult areas, and re-enter where water is calmer.

A Portage Route
Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™ is a play on words. Bark’n Boots™ describes the full line of paw wear that will help prevent your dog’s”dogs from barking”.  The name Grip Trex™ describes the combination of grippy sole and “x” lug, which give ultimate traction while “trekking” to and from.
Grippy "X" Lug on Bark'n Boots™
The Swamp Cooler™ was named after the evaporative technology used to cool houses in the high desert—the same science is applied to our Swamp Cooler™ jacket–an affordable, easy-to-operate cooling device for your dog.
Evaporative Technology

A Sun Shower™ is meteorological phenomenon in which rain falls while the sun is shining.  Because this jacket is both breathable and waterproof, it’s perfect in the heat or the rain.

A Sun Shower

As an addition to our bed line, which included the Mt. Bachelor Pad™ and the Urban Sprawl™, we continued the urban-dwelling play on words with the  Flophouse™ Foam Pad. “Flophouse” is a term used to describe minimalist lodging, and is often associated with dirty, flea-ridden accommodations–the perfect scenario for a sleeping pad that’s low profile, washable, and regrettably “flea-ridden”.

Wikipedia's Version of a Flop House

Bivy, slang for bivouac, is a type of spontaneous (sometime unintended) camping in high elevations.  Campers often use a bivy sack, or single wall, no-frills tent that is fast and light. Our Bivy Bowl™, a single-wall, lightweight bowl option, was inspired by these single wall tents.

A Bivouac Sack
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