In the summer of 1992, while Patrick Kruse was mountain biking with some friends in the Los Padres National Forest, his friend Liz stopped to give her dog, Moqui, a drink.  She offered him some water she had poured into a plastic bag. Two slurps and half a water bottle later, Moqui walked away, panting and still thirsty…and Liz was left literally “holding the bag.”  With no way to set it down, and nowhere to put the leftover water, Liz turned to Patrick and said, “You need to do something about this.”  That challenge sparked the inspiration for Ruff Wear’s first product.

Prototype of the first collapsible bowl

Fifteen years after the release of Ruff Wear’s first collapsible bowl, the Quencher™,  the need for portable, packable, easy-to-use canine hydration still exists.  As a tribute to our heritage and the foundation of our company, we are proud to introduce the Bivy Bowl™, the next generation of collapsible dog bowls.

The Quencher™ was Ruff Wear's first product

The goal for the Bivy Bowl™ was to design a bowl with the same simplicity as our original bowl, utilizing today’s technologies and fabrics.  We started by (literally) stripping one of our current bowls down to its core and looking for ways to reduce bulk, weight, and layers.

Second generation of The Quencher™

The inspiration for the Bivy Bowl™ came from the same item as the original Quencher–a waterproof tent fabric.  Encouraged by the idea that single-wall tents protect from the elements as well as double-wall tents, we wondered if we could use the same theory to create a single-wall bowl.

Current version of The Quencher™

Using advanced welding technology, we created a welded fabric bowl with virtually no stitching or extra lining, allowing for a watertight seal with only one layer of  fabric.  The Bivy Bowl™ weighs less than 2 ounces, has a stable shape, and like all of our bowls, is guaranteed to be waterproof.  Not to mention, fewer layers means no hidden drips and crumbs, so this bowl cleans up with a quick shake.

The 2009/2010 Bivy Bowl™

The Bivy Bowl™,  with its updated look and function,  is performance and art melded into one.  It illustrates Ruff Wear’s never ending quest to innovate and deliver products that enhance outdoor adventures for dogs and their human companions.

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  1. That’s the truth! Out of desperation on the way to the trailhead, I had to buy a competitor’s knock-off once. Bison…What a piece of junk! Liner tore on the first day and before that it would never stay open enough. Beyond the poor quality… the price was ridiculous. I love my Quencher, but a Bivy is in my near future.

    Thanks Ruff Wear. Thank you for improving and helping me enjoy the outdoors even more with my best girl.

    1. Just a side note, for those customers who can’t part with their Quencher, it is still available in both the open-top and cinch-top version. The Bivy Bowl™ is an alternative addition to the line.

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