January Ruff Wear Featured Comment of the Month

From: Judy

Location: Sterling, Alaska

After trying 3-4 different types of booties, these (Ruff Wear Grip Trex™ boots) have worked the best for our Aussie. He’s highly active and LOVES bounding in the deep snow.

Started with the booties last year when we first got him as our winter was bitterly cold and he still wanted to play outside. Tried some fleece booties and they ice up due to his hot little pads. They were also very slippery on hard packed snow. It was a chore to take him on walks or play and keep him from trying to rip them off of his feet. I also had to try the coban to help keep them on. Tried some leather soled booties with more padding and an elastic “sock” that came up higher on the leg. These didn’t stay on for beans. Tried nylon booties (similar in make to the fleece ones) and had problems with the booties icing up from the heat of the dog’s pads. They also wouldn’t stay on. Then tried the ones with the “skins” on the soles, and came up higher on the leg. These stayed on for all of 1 minute once the boy got out the door.

This summer I bought these Ruffwear booties. Tried them with the first snow and once he got used to the hard sole, he LOVES them! I can now play fetch with him in the snow and he doesn’t stop to try and tear them off his feet (couldn’t do that with any other type). I can also take him on walks with them without him even skipping a beat. We’ve had the deep snow with the icky crusty layer on the top this season. He loves to punch through it to go exploring and we haven’t lost a bootie yet. I just have to make sure to tighten the velcro strap tight enough.

I’ve been super pleased with these booties so far this winter and am looking to buy another pair for our other new Aussie. They both are high energy and highly active dogs. We walk, run, ski, snowshoe and snowmachine with them. With the booties, the kids can play in the snow and the cold with us without freezing their pads or collecting the ice balls between them.

The vibram sole takes a little bit for the kids to get used to. It’s great entertainment the first time you put them on. But for us, when the snow gets hard-packed & icy, these give the kids more traction than any other bootie I’ve found. Even when I got the ones with the skins on the sole to stay on their feet, the kids slipped all over the place.

I would recommend these to anyone with highly active dogs!

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