10 Resolutions for Better Pet Ownership

1. I will take my dog in for annual veterinary checks and keep him/her current on all shots.

2. I will not only pick up all messes that my dog makes in public, but I will also pick up any other messes I find along the way.  This will help keep outdoor spaces clean and available to dogs.

3. I will teach my dog a new trick.

4. I will feed my dog food that takes his/her health into as much consideration as my pocketbook.

5. I will use biodegradable bags when picking up after my dog.  Better yet, I will invest in a doggie septic system for my yard.

6. I will combat canine obesity by not feeding my dog table scraps, exercising him/her regularly, and investing in healthy dog food.

7. I will find an outdoor activity that my dog and I love.  Some Ruff Wear suggestions: hiking, mountain biking, skijoring, paddleboarding, or snowshoeing.

8. I will make a new friend with a fellow dog owner.

9. I will keep my dog properly groomed; brushing, washing, and treating them for fleas regularly.

10. I will love my dog unconditionally, and remember they count on me for their well-being.

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