Rocco, Lauren and Dove show off their party poses

The Ruff Wear pack may have hung up our coats and gear for the evening, but the Ruff Wear Christmas party was well worth bringing ourselves indoors for once!  In the spirit of the holiday season, Ruff Wear rented out the shabby chic Hollinshead Barn to host this year’s party, complete with a bluegrass band, delicious NW wines and beer, and authentic NW catered cuisine.

Though shy to hit the dance floor at first, with a little encouragement the night ended with a dance-off for those who didn’t have to rush back to our dog sitters!  The highlight of the evening was the announcing of the “2009 Big Love Award,” won by our Product Director, Niki Singlaub.  However, it was a close call…

Niki wins the 2009 Big Love Award for this Picture...
...but Will is a close second

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