Orion is rewarded with his favorite toy after finding the Grizzly Bear scat

The pack at Ruff Wear was treated to an awesome demonstration outside their Bend, Oregon Headquarters recently. Liz and Orion, a hard working team from Conservation Canines (an Ambassador for Ruff Wear) stopped by for a visit and a demo. It was a rare treat having Liz and Orion stop in Bend because the Conservation Canine teams are typically out in extremely remote locations conducting research on endangered species.

Orion, a five-year-old black lab rescue dog, demonstrated his amazing ability to locate Grizzly Bear scat (Liz “seeded” the field with scat samples outside our office for the demo). Watching a working dog “work” is truly amazing. Orion is just one of several Conservation Canine dogs that really put Ruff Wear gear through it’s paces. Thanks again for the demo Liz and Orion!

Click here to learn more about the Conservation Canine group.

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