begDogs can’t really write out a wish list, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what they’d “beg” for.  Here’s a list of the five favorite gifts for a dog, as voted on by our Ruff Wear staff.

1. Cloud Chaser™ jacket (MSRP $74.95).

This Ruff Wear favorite allows you to take your dog anywhere you would go, even in the rain, wind and snow.  It’s our most storm-ready coat, with features that will keep your dog’s core warm even in the most treacherous of conditions.

2. Roamer™ leash (MSRP $24.95).

The Ruff Wear staff likes to let their doggies roam, so the Roamer™ leash provides a leash solution that keeps dogs on-leash but with room to explore.  The shock-resistance also helps with dogs with big pull.

3. Trail Runner™ collapsible bowl (MSRP $9.95).

The invention of the collapsible bowl was what started Ruff Wear, so it’s no wonder it’s a company favorite.  It’s great for any adventure—indoors or out, cold weather or heat!

4. Big Eddy™ Float Coat™ (MSRP $74.95).

Despite limited opportunities to use this lifejacket in the winter, it’s still a staff favorite.  We believe it’s the best canine lifejacket on the market, and what better time to spoil your dog with the best than Christmas?

5. Quick Draw™ leash (MSRP $11.95).

A long-standing favorite, this leash-and-collar-in-one keeps dogs in control, and off-leash fines at a minimum when wandering dogs are off leash and sudden leashing is needed.

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