thanksgivingThe smell of the holidays is here—the turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie—and we all want a taste, including our scent-focused canine companions.

Preventing holiday overeating extends to our four-legged friends, who are often treated to table scraps and left-overs during the holidays.

It’s important to keep an eye out to prevent your dog from overeating, as well as from potential allergies, bone digestion, and fat intake.  Here are a few tips to keep that trim canine figure through holiday season.

1.  Don’t feed your dog table scraps and remind your family and friends as well.  Often, guests will unknowingly feed a dog something they are allergic to or unable to digest.  Also be careful of little hands that tend to be easy targets for dogs to get an extra handout.

2. Cautiously throw out turkey bones in a dog-proof container or garbage can.  Turkey is often irresistible to canines, and while the meat is okay for their system, the bones can splinter, leading to choking and digestion issues.

3. High-fat foods, such as turkey skin, can lead to gastric distress and pancreatitis, so avoid over-indulging your dog in these foods.  A sudden change in diet can also lead to an upset stomach for your canine and a messy clean up for yourself.

4. To keep your dog from begging at the table, fill a rubber toy with a treat or peanut butter to distract them during dinner.

5. Lastly, maintain your dog’s regular feeding and exercise schedule.  This will help them to feel secure and will help keep those extra holiday pounds off.

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