nightwalkingAs the days get shorter and the nights get longer, there are fewer daylight hours to exercise our dogs.  So, it’s important to keep your dog visible during walks, runs, jogs, hikes—even bathroom breaks.

The first thing you can do is cloak yourself and your dog in high-visibility gear.  Ruff Wear and several other manufacturers make a variety of gear for low-light conditions.  For example, The Beacon™ safety light, which clips to your dog’s collar, harness, or apparel, has extra bright LED lights so your dog can be seen at any time of day or night. The Track Jacket™ is another high-visibility alternative.  It contains reflective trim in a high-visibility color, ideal for low light.

In addition to cloaking your dog in visibility, here are a few other things you can do:

Arm yourself with bright-colored or reflective clothing, or purchase reflective tape and add a strip to your clothing where it can easily be seen.

  • Carry a flashlight.  Glow-sticks also work well.
  • Wear shoes with either reflectors or LED lights in the heels.
  • Be sure to walk your dog on the side farthest from the road.
  • Check your leash ahead of time for signs of wear and tear that could cause a failure along the way (or consider carrying a spare).
  • Have your dog trained under voice command in the event that he/she does manage to get off-leash.

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  1. I have the previous version of the Track Jacket and it’s very visible during the day, but it could use wider reflective stripes for night time use.

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