10 Ways Ruff Wear Reduces Their Carbon Paw Print


  1. Ruff Wear participates in PacifiCorp’s Blue Sky renewable power program.
  2. Ruff Wear is a partner in the local Commute Options program, rewarding employees who bike, carpool, telecommute, walk, or participate in other commute alternatives.  Employees at Ruff Wear are eligible for a $20 gift certificate after 45 green commutes, and Ruff Wear matches that with an additional $20 paid out to employees on their paychecks after 45 commutes.
  3. Ruff Wear’s 6,300 square foot headquarters building runs on approximately $150/month for electricity due to its energy-efficient design.  The high windows, airflow, insulation and heat system help regulate temperatures so the building runs on very little electricity. In addition, all of our bathroom lights are on timers so the light never gets left on!
  4. Ruff Wear also uses energy-efficient light bulbs.  Not only do we purchase low-energy bulbs, but we recycle burned out ones, though few lights are needed to keep our building lit.  The presence of multiple windows make for lots of free daylight in the building.
  5. Ruff Wear employees try to be as “paper free” as possible, utilizing electronic communications over print outs whenever possible.  The paper that is used is turned over and re-used in our fax machine, therefore cutting down on the amount of paper used. Ruff Wear purchases recycled paper and office supplies whenever available.
  6. Ruff Wear is an active member and contributor to the Conservation Alliance, a group dedicated to preserving natural lands for future generations.
  7. All employees recycle their paper, cans, and other recyclables at work.
  8. All soaps and cleansers used at Ruff Wear are eco-friendly or natural products.
  9. Ruff Wear uses cloth towels instead of disposable paper towels are used in the kitchens and bathrooms.
  10. When a company event is off-site, Ruff Wear employees carpool together for maximum capacity and minimal environmental impact.


One thought

  1. Good job, you guys rock. So only one idea.

    Switch to LED bulbs when you replace bulbs. They use even less energy than CFL’s and are dimmable. They don’t have mercury in them, and they last about 20 years, so you you save employee time replacing bulbs. And the light looks better than CFL’s

    There is even a company I just read about that provides a system with sensors to turn the lights on only when needed and they also manage the lightning in other ways. Don’t know that much about them, but here is their website. http://www.redwoodsystems.com/
    and check out cree.com for more LED info.

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