conservation allianceDogs and people, preferably together, live for those places where we can escape the daily grind and revel in an untrampled wilderness, free from cars, computers, and the confines of a fenced yard.

Ruff Wear is proud to be an active member of the Conservation Alliance, helping to ensure that future generations of dogs and people have open spots to enjoy.

The Conservation Alliance is a group of outdoor businesses that work together to protect wild places throughout North America where wildlife thrives and customers recreate.  Each member company pays annual dues into a central fund, and the Alliance donates 100% of those dues to organizations working to protect wild forests, rivers, deserts, mountains, and other fragile landscapes.

Since launching in 1989, the Conservation Alliance has contributed more than $7 million to grassroots conservation projects.  With Conservation Alliance grants, these groups have saved nearly 40 million acres of land, stopped or removed 27 dams, and preserved access to thousands of miles of rivers and several climbing areas.

In 2008, the Conservation Alliance contributed an all-time high of $900,000 to 34 organizations.  Highlights of recent projects include:  the removal of one (of four proposed) dams on the Rogue River, preservation of access to the iconic Laurel Knob climbing area, protection of 1 million acres of land in the US, creation of a 4.4 million acre park in British Columbia, removal of one dam in Colorado, and permanent closure of 300,000 acres in Montana to new oil and gas development.

Ruff Wear – in partnership with the Conservation Alliance – is proud to be part of the effort to save these wild areas for hiking boots and dog boots alike.

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