turnupMany pet owners have made the move towards natural and organic products for their pets following the pet food and children’s toy scares of the past few years.  Ruff Wear is committed to producing products that are safe for our pets.

We use as many natural, recycled, or organic materials as possible while preserving the integrity and durability of our products.  For example, when designing our all-natural TurnUp™, we set out to create a durable rubber toy that was from a sustainable source and contained no unnecessary ingredients, dyes, or additives. The result was a toy with a very limited ingredient list – as close to rubber straight out of the tree as we could get:

  1. All natural latex rubber*
  2. Sulfur (to vulcanize the rubber)
  3. Mint Scent (because natural rubber is smelly)

We take pride in offering a toy with a recipe close to nature without compromising durability and fun. So go ahead and let your dog chase, chew, lick and enjoy this naturally durable and bouncy toy!

*Includes compounds and processes used to soften, vulcanize, cure, and release rubber from mold, as well as compounds used to help with UV stability, oxidation, cracking and hardness, all standard in natural rubber production.

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