what is green

This month, as we get ready for the release of our new eco-friendly Climate Changer™ fleece jacket, we are dedicating our blog to our favorite playground–mother nature!

Since the earth hosts all of our adventures, we believe in returning the favor by making durable, recycled, and sustainable products to reduce our “paw print” on the environment.

Part of our initiative is inspired by those who do a good job of educating customers on green practices.  While visiting a local retailer of our products recently, we asked them, “What makes products green?”  They identified five things they look for when purchasing green pet products:

Recycled Materials: Reusing material diverts waste from landfills.

Organic / Natural Ingredients: Avoiding pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives is good for our animals, for us, and for our environment.

Sustainable Sources: Choosing products that minimize our impact on the environment means our planet’s resources are not depleted as rapidly.

Durable Products: If one flying disc lasts as long as 30 less durable discs, there are 29 fewer discs in the landfill.

Locally Made: Buying from local sources means that products will not have been shipped as far, reducing emissions and fuel consumptions.

In addition to products themselves, other things to consider are packaging, how items are shipped (boxed individually, versus all together), and the sustainability practices of the store from which you purchase products.

For further information about going green when buying pet products click here.

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