September Dog Tale of the Month – Koby Gears up for East Coast Adventures

from: Carisa Lange, Robb Adams, and Koby

location: Cleveland, OH

I wanted to share the story of our wonderful Kobyashi “Koby” (the right hand man to the most dangerous man in the world- Usual Suspects)

Our little puppy Kobayashi turned 5 on August 20th! How did time pass so fast? It seems like just yesterday we fell in love with the little fuzzy labradoodle puppy in the pet store! When we left the store from looking at him, all I could do the whole night was keep looking at the picture we took of him on my boyfriend Robb’s cell phone ~I just had to have him!  Koby is the best dog to ever have in the whole world. We could never have imagined how much our lives would be made better by this fuzz ball! He’s my first dog ever, and now I could never imagine my life without a furry canine companion.  Koby loves more than anything to go hiking, camping in our pop-up, rollerblading, playing fetch with his favorite plastic sandwich, and wading in streams and lakes. He absolutely hates peanut butter and goes as far as to chew around the peanut butter “pillow” in those peanut butter filled pretzel bites.  He loves pizza crust on pizza Fridays, jalapeños, and tofu! (Strange I know, but he gobbled it up when left unattended on the kitchen counter).

Koby in his Palisades Pack
Koby in his Palisades Pack

October of 2008, we took a trip to Maine and discovered that this was one of our most favorite places on the whole planet.  For us, it’s “the way life should be.” (Maine’s catchy slogan, but true.) Last October we went for a week, and didn’t even come close to having enough time to do all the things we wanted. Not to mention that one of our favorite things was missing, our Koby.  The first place I missed my dog the most was Goose Rocks Beach. This beach is known for having one of the softest sands ever and people can come early in the morning or late in the evening, and dogs can just run free.  In Maine, people bring their dogs everywhere. They are welcome in restaurants, shops, beaches, on kayaks, on ferries, in hotels, in bed-and-breakfasts, so needless to say, we missed our puppy very much, really feeling like he should’ve been with us. On Goose Rocks Beach there were all kinds of people with their dogs, playing and running on the beach and in the water. Every dog we met along our way made us want to take Koby back here with us, because he loves everything that Maine is about. Everywhere we went, we said, “Koby would like it here.” We decided to take our first long road trip ever with our pop-up camper this May, with Koby of course! We couldn’t be more excited to go back to spend more time in Maine, with each other, and with Koby.

Koby on an Adventure Hike
Koby on an Adventure Hike

We decided that he needed some supplies for his big trip, and first ordered Ruff Wear’s Palisades Pack for two reasons.  One, he would love to help carry his gear on the trails we’d be hiking in Maine.  Two, we loved the way the harness by itself doubles for rollerblading and skijoring!  Koby loves to Rollerblade, and is a natural puller, so we’ve been looking for a good harness that properly allows him to pull me at his fastest!  The Palisades Pack really fit the order and we didn’t have to purchase a pack and harness separately!  From the first time he put it on for our rollerblade test run, to the countless hikes up mountains in Acadia National Park, he absolutely loves it and feels completely comfortable!  We think he enjoys hiking even more given his important job of carrying supplies.  The handle on the back helps us get him up huge rocks, and hold on to him on skinny ledges.  He is a true “mountain goat”, and can climb and jump with no problems on most any terrain.  We think this is due to being raised by cats, watching them jump on anything, he’s always been pretty limber on sketchy skinny places, and doesn’t realize he’s a 75 lb big dog!

For our trip we also got him the K-9 float coat to assist him with his swimming in Maine’s many ponds (lakes).  Contrary to popular belief of labs and poodles loving to swim, our Koby is quite the opposite.  He only likes to wade in streams and lakes, and if he gets to deep, he doesn’t like to swim at all, panics, and quickly doggy paddles back to where his feet touch.  The K-9 float coat is like water wings for him.  We researched several designs, and love how there is actual floatation material on the underside of the dog, actually lifting him up.  It makes him feel much more comfortable in the water, probably makes him feel like he won’t sink to the bottom.  Now he is not afraid to fetch a toy, even when the bottom drops out!

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