Water Activities at Hosmer

Though the weather along Hosmer Lake was rainy from dusk till dawn, that did not stop our pack from a great two-day adventure which included a hike, paddle, and camp trip rolled into one.After a morning hike, we climbed into canoes, kayaks, and even paddle boards, and headed down the channel at Hosmer Lake.  The water got especially chilly after a few brave souls jumped (ok, maybe it was more of a “fall”) in the water.  But after making our way back to the fire at the campsite and eating a delicious meal prepared by our own Campsite Martha Stewart, Dove, and Su Chef , Rocco, we were warmed up and ready for a night of campfire trivia.

Campfire Talk

The evening ended with a midnight canoe ride in the rain (ok, not everyone was game for this one, but we did have four of our crew that headed out to the cold, dark waters).

Midnight Cano2

It was a great adventure and another successful company retreat!

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